We are two generations of builderdavid and dad tirangles who hold the values of our families tried and true commitment to premium quality craftsmanship.  North Shore Construction Services believes in open communication, impeccable service, and environmental responsibility.  We have built our reputation not through marketing techniques, but through referrals and respect established over five decades of hard work.

We are dedicated to creating our clients vision.   We work together as a team of dedicated professionals seeking to better the built environments in which we live and work in.  Respect the environment and it will reward you remarkably, let us help you achieve the highest building standards through Passive design, and Energy Efficient Building.

When we embark on a new project we seek to create a relationship with our clients from day one.  With a design-build approach, client, builders and designer sit together to map out the best plan for the project at hand.  Through regular communication we are able to stay connected and work through the sometimes unforeseen tribulations of the construction process.  Our goal is for our clients to understand us so we can build trust and create a seamless collaboration.  The building process is just as important as the final product.

Renovations and new construction projects are not always a walk in the park, we realize the stress it causes for many homeowners.  We simply ask that you trust us to deliver what we promised, and allow us to create your vision.  Just remember there is always light at the end of the construction tunnel!

Sadly, building codes don’t always evolve quickly enough and presently support many wasteful building practices.  We must become forward thinkers and custodians of our buildings and work toward a sustainable future!

david and andreas

David and Andreas

david in the roof

David on the roof