The 3 R’s for Sustianable Chic

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Open your eyes and look around your space….

Look at what we did with objects found on one of our construction sites.

Wooden Spool

   Wooden Spool

We gave this wooden spool that formerly held electrical wire a whole new look!

Just turn it on it’s side and it instantly becomes a side table, or even a cool stool.

Spice it up with paint or leave it be for a natural feel.





Pallet Bed

  Pallet Bed Frame

Why not take old shipping pallets and redesign them into a cool bed frame, in addition to it’s great look it will also become a   instant  conversation piece.



Pallet Table

  Pallet Table

Here is another great example of how to recycle shipping pallets!

Create your own nesting tables for a fun look that costs pennies.

Pallet nesting table